Enzymatic Activity of Yeast!


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Catalase is an enzyme, present in yeast, which catalyzes the breakdown of hyrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.

In this work, you can find the report of an experiment investigating the relation between concentration of yeast and the rate of breakdown of hydrogen peroxide:

Enzymatic activity of yeast


EM Waves



Electromagnetic waves, or EM waves in short, are transverse waves which consist of a combination of oscillating electrical and magnetic fields, perpendicular to each other. Unlike other waves, electromagnetic waves can travel both in the presence and absence of a medium.

Despite not carrying mass, they carry energy. They have momentum and besides, they can exert pressure which is called radiation pressure. The speed of an electromagnetic wave in vacuum is equal to c = 3.00 x 108 m/s , and it is calculated by the formulae “c = f × λ” where ‘f’ is the frequency and ‘λ’ is wavelength.

These waves are significant for our daily life. They have a wide range of usage. They are used in microwaves, radio waves and even in cancer treatment. Nevertheless, they have some cons in addition to their pros. For instance some of these waves give harm to human skin and cause skin cancer.

In this part, I’d like share a work of mine which is based on EM waves. I have used different sources to prepare it and you can find my references at the end of my work.

EM waves

Hope you find it useful!


Murat Belge’nin gözünden Behçet Necatigil



Behçet Necatigil is one of the most prolific Turkish poets. He has written thousands of poems. His main themes are home, street, loneliness, difficulties of life, love etc. He is commonly known as “Poet of Houses” in Turkey.

Now, I would like to share my notes which I derived from a writing of Murat Belge in which he wrote about Behçet Necatigil.

Hope it helps you to understand Behçet Necatigil more:

Murat Belge’nin anlatımıyla Behçet Necatigil

Haldun Taner – Gülerek Ölmek



Haldun Taner is one of the best writers of Turkish Literature. He is well known for his stories. His stories generally include criticism of the system. While criticizing, he uses irony which makes his stories absorbing.

In this part of the blog, I would like to share my review about one of his stories named “Gülerek Ölmek”:

Gülerek Ölmek


Artificial Leaf Device Produces Hydrogen in Water Using Only Sunlight


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Hydrogen is an important source of renewable energy and it is very abundant in Earth. However, it is not found in the form of (H2) but is found in water. When it is found free from oxygen, it is very effecient to use hydrogen as fuel because it provides a great amount of energy. Besides, it does not pollute the air like fossil fuels do because it gives out water vapour when it gets into reaction with water.

Therefore, it is very significant to obtain hydrogen free from oxygen. Scientists and researchers from the Photovoltaic and Optoelectronic Devices group from the Universitat Jaume I, led by Professor Juan Bisquert, have done a great invention for this purpose. They have produces an artifical leaf device using semiconductor materials that generates hydrogen independently in water by the help of sunlight.

Although the device cannot produce enough hydrogen to be used as fuel, it can be considered as a great step to produce hydrogen.

You can find detailed information by checking out the following link:



Nanoparticle Coating Reduces Atmospheric Pollution

Researchers of the UPNA-Public University of Navarre are recently working on a “healhty” type of coating using nanotechnology. They have developed a special type of coating which break down the dirt and clean air when the nanoparticles in the coating undergo a special chemical reaction in the presence of sunlight.

It is estimated that this nanoparticle will provide a decrease in nitrogen oxides by 90%, hydrocarbons by 80% and carbonmonoxide emitted by 75 %.

You can check out the following link for further information:





Dialysis Lab Report

Dialysis is very significant for living things. For sure, there are some factors which affect the rate of dialysis. For instance, for dialysis a partially-permeable membrane is required. Besides, molecules needs to be small enough to pass through the membrane. In this lab report, you can find the results of an experiment which investigates the dialysis of different molecules.

Biology dialysis lab report